Beautiful holiday decorated living room in Cincinnati, OH

As the holiday season approaches in Cincinnati, it’s an ideal time to get your home ready for the festivities, and that includes your hard surface floors. At 50 Grit Flooring, we understand how important it is to have floors that are not just clean and durable but also add to the holiday cheer. Let’s walk you through the essential steps to prepare your floors for this joyful season.

Assessing Your Flooring in The Queen City

Begin your holiday preparation with a detailed assessment of your floors. With Cincinnati’s varying climate, your floors might show signs of wear or seasonal impact. Look for scratches, dents, or areas needing repair. This evaluation is crucial for deciding on the appropriate cleaning and maintenance strategies. At 50 Grit Flooring, we often suggest a professional evaluation for an in-depth analysis.

Specialized Cleaning and Maintenance for Hard Surface Floors

The key to a welcoming holiday home is clean and well-maintained floors. For hardwood, use a cleaner specifically formulated for wood and avoid over-wetting. Laminate floors benefit from a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner and a damp mop. Tiles, particularly in high-traffic areas, might need a deep clean to keep grout lines looking fresh.

Regular maintenance is vital to ensure your floors can withstand the holiday hustle and bustle. Hardwood floors may need a touch-up of sealant or polish, while laminate and tile should be checked for any damage that needs prompt attention.

Decorating and Protecting Your Floors for the Festive Season

When it comes to holiday decorating, consider your floor’s protection. Decorative rugs and mats can add a festive touch while safeguarding your floors from increased foot traffic and potential spills. Choose options with non-slip backing for added safety.

Rearranging furniture for gatherings? Use furniture pads to protect your floors from scratches. And if you’re placing a Christmas tree, a waterproof mat underneath is essential to prevent any water damage.

50 Grit Flooring Services to Enhance Your Holiday Experience

At 50 Grit Flooring in Cincinnati, OH, we offer a range of services to prepare your floors for the holiday season. Our team specializes in advanced cleaning techniques and uses products that are both effective and environmentally friendly.

Thinking of revamping your floors for the holidays? We have an extensive selection of flooring options that will perfectly match your holiday decor and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.


Preparing your floors for the holidays in Cincinnati involves a blend of thorough maintenance, strategic cleaning, and festive decoration. At 50 Grit Flooring, we’re committed to helping you achieve this blend, ensuring your floors contribute to the festive atmosphere of your home. Stop by our Cincinnati location for a personal consultation or to explore our wide range of flooring services and products. Let’s make your holiday season both merry and bright, starting from the ground up!

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